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France Travel Guide and France Vacations

Looking for an amorous and mesmerizing travel destination, than you should stop at France. The country will provide you with infinite chances to live out your greatest artistic and romantic fantasies. People who are keen to explore Europe and especially lands with a long and fabulous tradition as well as marvelous cultural and historical background will find France the ideal context to pamper both their visual and gustatory senses. French food as well as tradition and the luxurious radiance of great cities attracts millions from faraway as well as neighboring countries all throughout the year. The prosperous land offers locals the chance to produce the most exquisite wines as well as fresh ingredients for their culinary specialties. Devotees of Parisienne chic as well as the signature French lifestyle will have a profound insight into the life of this high brow population.

Due to the multitude of cosmopolitan cities, cultural and historical monuments as well as mountains and even Riviera, tourists looking for versatile experience and activities flood the country. Paris is indeed the city which leads not only the top visited list of French cities but also that of the world. Recruiting a boundless number of fans, the 'city of lights' enchants people with the visionary museums, public gardens, great designer stores as well as public gardens. The Royal Palace and The Louvre as well as the Arc de Triomphe pay tribute to fine arts and history. Some would restrict their visit to the Eiffel Tower which is one of the great symbols of France. These marvelous institutions and artistic masterpieces all enthrall us with their grandieuse aura.


FranceThe various regions provide visitors with versatile activities and curiosities. While the West still bares the signs of Celtic influence, the East prides itself with the abundant wine regions preparing the most delicious chardonnays as well as pinot noirs. Moreover the center of this delightful country encloses the Loire valley which lines up a parade of classic castles and rural towns.

France Tourists Attractions

Paris: As the heart of France, it still manages to keep its top position in the repertoire of most attractive towns in the world. Besides the multitude of museums and shopping centers visitors will have the chance to visit all the great monuments and cathedrals that echo the glory of the past and the work of great artists who chose Paris as their garden of Eden.

The Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame De Paris as well as the Eiffel Tower all ally in a fabulous ensemble to reflect the cultural and historical roots of the country. Moreover there's nothing more enchanting than tasting the appetizing and sophisticated French food in the acclaimed restaurants.

Alps: Fans of winter wonderland landscapes as well as ski, will find French Alps the perfect destination to spend some precious time with friends and family. Tourists will be able to test their skills and pamper their eyes in the marvelous stations and places designed specially to welcome visitors.

Engaging into a fascinating adventure is best done through exploring the towns of Grenoble, Chamonix and also Albertville that were proud hosts of Olympic games due to the ideal conditions for winter sports. French people can enjoy the beauty of Alps even during the summer and spring when hiking is one of the favorite activities of locals.

French Riviera: Some might choose the French Riviera for its careless and more permissive attitude towards conditions of bathing and specialized attire. More and more people however were bewitched by the beauty of the 'Cote d'Azur. From the great artists and celebrities who are eager to settle down in this blissful scenario to the famous artists of the past as Picasso and Renoir.

All praised the place for its willingness to offer a heavenly experience to people in need of inspiration. St. Tropez, Nice and Cannes are only some of the main attractions of the Riviera. These besides being flooded by several festivals and artistic events, also furnish tourists with infinite options for both active and passive relaxation.

France, mainly due to its versatile landscape as well as the modern still tradition-honoring mentality of ppopulation succeeded in spellbinding people all over the world, who look for unique adventures. Limiting ourselves to Paris would be a pity, that's why consider our France travel guide in order to find out more on the other prominent tourists attractions of the various regions.  

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