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Italy Travel and Italy Holidays

' La vita est bella as the Italians would say, indeed this country earned the title of one of the most popular destinations of tourists who are keen to explore the sophisticated cuisine, wine art as well as the cultural heritage. Italy however doesn't limit itself to appearance only, it has as its best asset the ambition to preserve the ancient traditions and their respect for nature, religion, land and history. Regardless of the purpose of the trip everyone will find at least one activity or sight that would create an unforgettable impression. The unmistakable landscape both from the South and also North of Italy reflect the mentality and character traits of the population. Artificial is fused with natural in several cities that aim to honor culture customs and also the evolution of technology and industry. Engraving itself in the history of culture with the multitude of remnants originating from the Roman Empire as well as their affinity for fine arts.

Roma and Milan are some of the top notch centers that attract the majority of visitors due top their grand and pompous atmosphere created by the popularization of exquisite fashion and lifestyle. Earthly pleasures enjoy a prominence in Italy, both when it comes of Italian food and drink as well as the visual pleasure the infinite array of fashion stores offer. Tradition is the buzzword in the attitude of the nation towards preserving the essence of high quality elements, materials and ingredients. Venice and Florence mesmerize the public with their classic and alluring aura, romance and magic radiate in the barely ever changing landscape. Find out more on the fascinating lifestyle of these people who live together with the heritage of the past and aim to combine the rural treasure with the cosmopolitan vibe.  



Tourist Attractions of Italy

Those who opt for Italy as their dream travel destination will be puzzled due to the multitude of tourists attractions. From the cultural to the historical and fashion curiosities all will enchant people with their unique and charming dazzle. Those who are keen to explore both the rural as well as more developed and big city life will find this country the perfect place to spend their vacation.

Spending our precious time strolling on the ancient via-s or in the luxurious shopping centers will all have an overwhelming effect and would grant us with a memorable experience. Take a glimpse at the main tourist attractions of Italy to spot the ones that keyed you up.

Great Cities: It's no wonder that the great and most prominent cities of Italy managed to mesmerize tourists. The modern architecture living in perfect harmony with the ancient remnants originating from the Roman Empire is best illustrated through cultural centers as Milan and Rome.

These places preserve the respect for great artists and arts through the multitude of museums and exhibitions. Other towns are popular due to their Romantic and signature Italian nostalgia. Venice is among the main attractions of 'just married' couples and families who are eager to explore the beauties of The Grand Canal of Venice.

Wine Regions: The trademark cuisine paired with the sophisticated and delicious wines managed to become one of the main attractions of  Italy. Fans of the refined tastes and nature will experiment with testing the great rural and cosmopolitan restaurants that serve national specialties as the pasta and pizza. Florence is one of the ideal cities to engage into a culinary adventure. Tourists longing for hospitality and a mesmerizing gustatory experience will be able to pamper their senses by visiting these special places.

Culture: Culture manifests itself in the most polished and crystallized form in Italy. Craving for a historical and artistic input, then visit some of the world-wide known attractions of the country spread all over the country, from the miraculous Fontana di Trevi in Rome, Sistine Chapel in Vatican, the Leaning Tower of Pizza as well as the Uffizi Gallery in Florence which accumulated all the marvelous paintings created by great artists as Titian, Caravaggio, Michelangelo as well as Botticelli. Enchant your eyes with these masterpieces that offer a visionary experience.  

Use our Italy travel guide in order to find out all the essential information on the health and legal conditions as well as dreamy tourists attractions. Discover all the worth-admiring beauties of this European country which still prides itself with the heritage of ancient origins and aims to offer a unforgettable experience both for those who are fascinated by the pastoral landscape of wine regions as well as the urbane vibe of prominent fashion stores, modern arts exhibitions and luxurious store windows. Choose your travel destination according to your refined knowledge of tradition and culture of countries you are eager to visit.  

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