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Situated in the eastern Caribbean sea, Martinique is a very popular and famous overseas region of France, together with all the 25 other overseas regions of France. The exotic sea which is the home of Martinique makes possible a unique cultural mélange between the traditional French culture and the colorful, exotic Caribbean one.

Martinique’s population is a mixed and eclectic one, and it’s certainly the result of many historical periods. One can find here Africans, Amerindian people, Indians, Lebanese and even Chinese elements. Also famous are the Béké people, corresponding to the European ethnic group of the first French and British settlers here. In this fully colored little island, everything looks closer to the international standards of well-being. This is why, besides the incredible landscape, Martinique is such a popular tourist destination.

One of the most romantic islands in the Caribbean Sea, Martinique is often choose as the top destination for the honeymoon. From all-inclusive resorts to mysterious and romantic getaways off the beaten path, Martinique is one romantic place a couple can only enjoy as much as possible.

A plethora of white, perfect beaches will amaze everyone, and so will all the secluded lagoons the coral reef barriers. If the sea isn’t enough for a visitor, one can still enjoy a tropical forest unique in this region, with lots of outdoor activities, including ecotourism activities, Canyoning sites, back-country routes for adventure and exploring, horseback riding.
Besides that, there are other few major attraction when visiting Martinique:

Fort de France

Fort de FranceFort de France is the administrative center of Martinique and an exquisite travel destination. Its breathtaking bay amazes every tourist and instantly makes you fall in love with it, while the fish market is one wonderful place to enjoy, as well as all the other markets, with fruits and vegetables.

Other sites of interest in this wonderful city are Fort de France Cathedral, the botanical garden, Place de la Savane, or a replica of the Parisian Montmartre called Sacré-Cœur de Balata Church.


Until the Mount Pelée eruption in 1902, Saint-Pierre was the capital of Martinique. Nowadays, this beautiful and chic city is officially recognized as a city of Art and History

Martinique Rums

Martinique Rums
Martinique is not only famous for its tourist attractions, white beaches and incredible landscapes; Martinique is also famous for its rum.
Martinique rums are considered to be among the best of the world, maybe due to the fertile soils, the perfect microclimate and an excellent production of sugar cane.

Some of Martinique rums were awarded with the famous French label "appellation d'origine contrôlée”, previously used only for French wines and cheese.

The Museums

Martinique is an island full of artistic history, hence the rather large number of museums. The most famous museums in Martinique are the Paul Gauguin Museum, the History and Sea Gallery, the Anse Latouche Habitation, the Butterflies’ Garden, or the Old Fashion Toys. There are more than twelve museums on the island, each celebrating in its own way art, history, Martinique’s past or its way of life.

Yoles Race

This is one of the most expected events of the year of Martinique. At the beginning of month August, the Annual Tour de Martinique des Yoles Rondes begins, and it’s being celebrated with lots of parties and good fun. Here, the regatta has a long history and tradition, being a competition celebrating distinctive types of yawls.

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