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The capital of the island of Majorca is located in the bay with the same name, as it has the reputation of being one of Spain’s favorite crown jewels. This popular tourist destination is famous for its beautiful beaches and resorts, for its Mediterranean climate, sunny and warm, but also for its prestigious historic quarter, full of antique vestiges which surely worth visiting.

Visiting Palma is like a romantic journey through art and history. Initially coveted by the Romans, the Arabs and the Berber pirates, this magnificent place, Palma breaths history through 18th century buildings, cathedrals and palaces. With five beaches, eight bathing areas and nine yacht clubs and marinas, Palma invites its visitor to enjoy all the open-air activities, mostly golf and nautical sports.

Windsurfing and kite-surfing are also popular here, and so are cycle-touring and hiking. There’s no more pleasant way to discover this beautiful island than exploring it along its bike lanes.

Palma, like any other tourist attraction, speaks through its food. The traditional cuisine remains faithful to the Mediterranean one.

Many traditional Palma culinary offers are designated with their own Designation of Origin, the highest quality seal in food. Palma is renowned for its “sobrasada”, a traditional meal make of spicy pork spread, “tumbet”, a local vegetable stew, made from potatoes, peppers, aubergine ad tomato sauce, but also for its cheese, made in Mahon, and wines, which definitely add regional flavor to any kind of meal.

The visitor really interested in discovering the Spanish cuisine can enjoy all the traditional bakeries in this island, as well as the hundreds restaurants in the city. If you are planning to cook yourself a nice traditional meal, you can purchase all necessary ingredients form El Olivar Market, a charming market where it’s most likely you’ll find everything you desire.

Internationally famous for its nightlife, Palma is the place to go when looking to have real fun. On the seafront promenade, you can find lots of bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs and casinos. Palma is the place of many cultural events, festivals, concerts and dance performances, including the Winter Festival, a classical music festival, or Jazz Voyeur Festival, Alternatilla Multidisciplinary festival and the Waiting for Waits festival.
So what to visit in Palma? This almost rhetorical question has, though, lots of answers, as this small island is actually rich in many attractive possibilities of spending time.

Es Baluard

Es Baluard Besides all the other cultural activities, so various and so numerous, Palma is the proud owner of a major museum, called Es Baluard. This is the place where modern and contemporary art exhibitions took place.

Visitors can enjoy artist as Cezanne, Gauguin, Picasso, Miró, but also a large collection of Mediterranean landscapes created by local artists.

La Seu

La SeuBegan building in 1229 over a former mosque, La Seu is a huge and very impressive cathedral which dominates the city. It has been finished only in 1601 and since then, this Gothic cathedral has attired lots of visitors.

Probably the features which attracts the largest number of visitors is a rose window, created by famous and visionary architect Antonio Gaudi, and a unique wrought iron baldachin, also signed by him.

The Old City

The Old CityThe Old City is spread behind the cathedral and it’s composed by a very chic, ancestral and fascinating maze of streets.

With quiet, narrow streets, this is definitely a place to visit in Palma, just to enjoy some old private houses, the Town Hall or the Convent of the Cathedral.

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