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Spain Travel and Spain Vacations

Fiestas, bullfights and the sunny beach, does it ring a bell? Indeed these are only some of the unmistakable attractions of Spain. However tourists are offered with so much more, from the versatile landscape to the signature hospitality and the refined cuisine all add a special tint to the blooming tourism. Wobbling between the beach and mountains is not a novelty for locals, both the South and the North regions adapted to the climate and the conditions of the land. Those who spend their vacation in this heavenly ambiance might be definitively touched by the beauties of Andalucia, the cosmopolitan and always vibrant life of Madrid as well as the delicious and intense Spanish cuisin. Tourists from all over the world will be fascinated both by the natural conditions as well as monuments and buildings fusing the old Spanish tradition with the modernist ambitions of architects as Gaudi illustrated in the facade of Barcelona and especially the world-wide known Sagrada Familia.

Madrid and Barcelona are two of the most prominent cities that attract the majority of people. National identity is perfectly reflected in the sight of the towns. From the ultra-chic shopping centers to the avant-garde streets banished the provincial look.The various regions also echo the cultural diversity which makes this country so fascinating. The areas as: Andalucia, Basque Country, Catalonia, the Canary Islands as well as Valencia all preserve their own cultural customs as well as language. Moreover they are also sticking to the unmistakable culinary specialties and their trademark wine production. Each of these parts of Spain offer a memorable sight landscape and impression.


SpainThose who find extreme pleasure in winter sports as ski should engage into a mesmerizing adventure in Andalucia at the Sierra Nevada chain of mountains. Other who are fascinated by hiking can explore the lands of Aragon and especially The Pyrenees. Sun-lovers will find refugee on the Spanish beaches the Costa del Sol as well as Costa de la Luz pamper tourists and locals with their charming sand and resort towns. These are only some of the main attractions of Spain that would place the country to the top of most sought-after travel destinations in Europe.

Top Attractions of Spain

Each region and even town has a separate and unique set of attractions for tourists. From the fabulous buildings to the high brow still romantic restaurants and cafes and monuments and architectural wonders all will appeal to our senses in an overwhelming manner. Choose some of the most important cultural and entertainment centers for some fun and also to enrich your knowledge of this culture and its traditions related to lifestyle and holidays. Read through some of the top attractions of Spain.

Madrid: The capital also contributes to the immortalizing of the Spanish culture with its urbane buzz. It is the home of the Royal Palace which is the residence of the kings of Spain as well as the government. The streets are surrounding and crossing the city in a labyrinthine style. However Madrid has a more attractive side to tourists. The all time party life can be observed right in the capital of the country.

Promoting the hedonist and cheerful life, people are trotting the clubs and bars until dawn. The discotecas offer the chance for locals and visitors to party all night to the sound of the signature flamenco or more modern club music. As the seasons opens owners of these places welcome guests in exchange of a generous income. The multitude of cafes and restaurants can be found also on the Plaza de Isabel II.

Pamplona Bull Run: In July you'll be surprised of the multitude of locals and tourists gathering on the streets of Pamplona. Indeed the release of the bulls and the subsequent race for survival is one of the signature traditions of Spain. An act of courage as well as blind venture is the peak of the fiestas. Those who are fascinated by this custom might be thrilled to find out that these events are attainable to everyone who is brave enough to 'put his head in the lion's mouth'.

The Basque Country: As one of the few apparently uncontaminated spots of Spain. The Basque country is situated north of Madrid surrounded by the Bay if Biscay as well as the chain of Pyrenees Mountains. This rugged and at the same time enchanting land offers miraculous sights to visitors who long for relaxation and a flee from the urbane noise and smog. Those who are absorbed by the beauties of the rural and countryside atmosphere will find Basque land a blissful ground.

Read through our Spain travel guide for a detailed insight into the cultural heritage and traditions of Spanish community. Find out more on the diversity of the customs as well as cuisine and arts in order to choose the region that best suits your preferences as your dream destination.

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